Managing Diabetes with Exercise

The Functional Health Diabetes Program

It is proven that exercise is one of the safest and most effective ways of managing Type ll diabetes. In some cases, it has reversed the effects, resulting in a reduction in medication.

Our program utilises Milon Smart Medical Exercise Equipment. The Milon system combines both resistance and cardiovascular exercise in a safe environment. No matter the level of condition or fitness level, our diabetes program sees results including a reduction in HbA1c, improved control of blood sugar and increased energy levels.

Research suggests effective management of Type II Diabetes can result in a reduction of medication

 Physiotherapy
 Exercise Physiology
 Medical Exercise
 Nutrition

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Program Benefits

 Increase Energy Levels
 Improve Control of blood sugar
 Enhance Cardiovascular Health
 Lose Excess Fat
 Decrease or Eliminate Pain
 Reduce need for medication

Other benefits not directly linked to diabetes include, increased strength and bone density, eliminating chronic pain, improved body composition and a reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The program is fully supervised by our team of experienced Allied Health Professionals.

Exercise Benefits with Functional Health

Objective Testing

 Strength and range of motion
 Cardiovascular capacity
 Balance and mobility
 Bone density measurement

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Independent Eccentric Loading

 Increased muscle strength
 Enhanced recovery
 Elevated metabolic rate
 Improved bone density

Independent Eccentric Loading with Milon at Functional Health

Real Time Visual Feedback

 Detailed reporting
 Progression analysis
 User friendly smart phone application
 Accurate personalised program

Milon Equipment Real Time Visual Feedback

The Milon Experience

The Milon equipment safely tests, restores and evaluates muscular and joint function. The complex engineering and reporting software enables the Milon equipment to highlight areas of weakness, to better provide accurate feedback and information regarding your rehabilitation process.

The Milon system is internationally recognised as one of the most effective ways to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular health and bone density, resulting in an overall improved quality of life.

Managing Diabetes with Exercise