Josh Collins Physiotherapist

Introducing your local Gold Coast Physiotherapist Josh Collins

Josh has been working within the health industry for some time. An interest in outdoor sports, such as surfing, was a driving factor in becoming a Fitness Trainer.

It was during his time as a trainer, Josh developed a passion for helping people achieve their health goals. He decided to further his education in the form of a Physiotherapy Masters degree with the intention of adding even more tools to his belt, in a personal quest to help his clients further.

Josh grew up in Hervey Bay, spending time out on the water fishing and camping. Since moving to the Gold Coast you will find Josh regularly out for a surf, in the gym training or out in the Hinterland enjoying the swimming holes.

Josh has a strong interest in uncovering the causation of your symptoms. He provides clients hands on therapy, assurance and guidance, providing a recovery pathway to get you back to your best self.