Introducing 100% Health

We are often told “Your health is the most important investment you can make”, however, it is often easier said than done.

With living costs at an all-time high, most Australians are forced to put their own health at the bottom of a long list. The thought of paying for regular hands on therapy and safe exercise with a university qualified health professional simply seems something only few can afford. With Government Funding minimal, the extortionate cost of Private Health Funds and the rebates received insignificant, most Australians simply have been unable to invest properly into their health.

After more than ten years working with GP’s, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists in the health and medical industry, I have shared the joys, as well as, the pains and frustrations alongside patients and their families. The most common struggle I see however, is the one between a patient’s budget and their required treatment, only to see them accept their pain or limitations as part of their life.

The average price of Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology somewhere between $75.00 – $150.00 per treatment, combined with rising living costs, it is unrealistic to think a patient can afford regular treatment for months on end. Some Physiotherapists have attempted to combat this with home stretching and exercises, however, the progression gained through these home rehab programs are often minimal compared to what could be gained with an appointment.

When opening my own therapy centre in 2013, we had a vision, to “Create Functional Independence for All Australians”, with this, and the knowledge that “your health is the most important investment you can make”, Functional Health was born. The best medical exercise machines (MedX) and a great team of Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist, it was only a matter of time before the Northern side of the Gold Coast was going to become the healthiest place in Australia.

The reality was very different, GP’s would send patients who were in need of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, often with chronic back and neck pain. With some limited support from Medicare these patients would find some relief inside five sessions. Despite this, most patients knew that without some more continued treatment the relief would be short lived, often choosing to discharge themselves from treatment as soon as the funding from Medicare had finished. Who could really blame them, at $75.00 for hands on physiotherapy and $65.00 for one on one exercise physiology, continued treatment could be in excess of $150.00 per week. Often patients who needed this ongoing treatment were retired, pensioners or unemployed due to their injury and being able to continue treatment was unrealistic.

Knowing those who were retired, elderly and unable to work were the ones needing Functional Health’s services the most, left me spending countless nights lying awake trying to construct ways to accommodate the balance between, being commercial (and able to support my team of physios and EP’s) and being accessible to those who need us the most.

With the research and evidence overwhelming in support of physiotherapy and exercise physiology treatment over medications or surgery, what is lacking in the industry are affordable programs incorporating the quality physiotherapy and exercise physiology needed for a full recovery and a pain free, fully functional lifestyle.

After years in the making, Functional Health is proud to introduce its 100% Health program. Providing quality physiotherapy and exercise physiology to those Australians that need it most. Patients who use the program have access to all the required physiotherapy and exercise physiology, for about the cost of a daily coffee. To maintain quality service, availability will be limited, Functional Health will initially be offering the 100% Health program to its valued current and past customers.

The 100% Health Program has been split into two levels of treatment:

Intense Treatment Program, designed for those who need multiple hands on Physiotherapy treatments for a number of weeks or months. This level is perfect to obtain improved function and become pain free safely and efficiently.

Continued Lifestyle Program, designed for those who need ongoing maintenance and a mix of Exercise Physiology and hands on Physiotherapy. This level is perfect to maintain or complement a healthy, active and pain free lifestyle.

Those Gold Coasters who have previously accepted pain and reduced function as part of life, now have access to comprehensive treatment at an affordable price. As the Director of Functional Health, I have always been proud of the great results patients have achieved through our hard-working team of Health Professionals and I am excited to open up this quality service to those Gold Coasters who truly need it.

For enquires about out 100% Health Program please call 07 5529 2777