Healthy Ageing

At Functional Health we strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to age in a healthy and happy manner. We strive to assist you in this respect and enable you to take control while living a fruitful and fulfilling life. There are a few specific areas that can greatly affect our capacity to do this, including your current function, health status, previous medical conditions, injury history, environmental / socioeconomic factors, diet, and exercise. Our team of caring staff work with you to overcome these obstacles and assist you along the way to achieving your goals. This may involve some small steps along the way however with some commitment and a bit of hard work we will help you restore your function.

Functional independence may not be an issue for you, however we all know someone that is struggling with their independence or just in need of some guidance. With all these factors in mind, people are unaware of the type of exercises they need to do or are concerned about the possibility of making the situation worse, when in fact all they may need is some supervision or direction. Our team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists can provide friendly advice to help improve your health and function.

Affordable Health Care

Unfortunately, in life the best health care is not always available at an affordable cost. This ends up causing a large percentage of the population to endure living in pain for years as they don’t have access to the health care they require. This is why we have developed a new and affordable membership deal to enable you the availability to the health care that you need. This membership will give you access to physiotherapy services if you require some hands-on treatment or you may need a safe exercise program designed by our exercise physiologist for rehabilitation or injury prevention. Our team of professionals create a friendly and warming environment where you feel comfortable and safe to work towards your goals.

Our team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists will share a wealth of knowledge and experience around numerous injury and health conditions to help you with long term pain relief and resolving or managing your condition. A lot of people are aware they require some physical activity or exercise however are concerned of further injury or aren’t aware of what exercises will be most beneficial.

Diet and weight loss

There are so many news articles and studies out there about the best dietary changes to lose weight and to be healthy that it becomes so confusing and people don’t know which one to believe or not. Many crash diets emphasise losing weight rapidly however we believe sustainability is key, and focus more upon developing a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. Studies have shown that diet combined with exercise is the most efficient and effective way to healthily lose weight and to keep it off. Our team can work with you in mapping out a path for you to follow to improving your health and well-being while taking each step with you along the way.

If further expertise is required we are happy to collaborate with doctors, dietitians or other medical professionals to achieve the best outcome for your health.

Exercise and Injury Prevention

As we age we slowly see a decline in strength, flexibility and overall function. This combination results in becoming more susceptible to injuries and falls. At Functional Health we tailor specific programs combined with hands on therapy, if necessary to help you preserve and improve your flexibility, strength, balance and overall capabilities. We work on injury prevention by building strength around your hips, knees, lower back and shoulders which is vital to preserving the life of these joints and not incurring severe damage which may require surgeries or replacements. Our specialised medical exercise equipment is designed to be not only safe but allows all the health benefits of resistance training including strength gains, promoting bone density, reduced injury risk and improving mental well-being.

All this combined with regular health checks via your GP are important to stay on top of your health and ensure you give yourself the best chance to enjoy your healthy future.