Exercise Physiology for Arthritis

Suffering from arthritis?

Suffering from arthritis can vary from person to person. For some suffering from arthritis, many of the tasks we take for granted in our youth can become extremely difficult to perform as we age. Cases can vary considerably depending on a person’s general health, environment, lifestyle and so much more. Exercise is often the last thing on someone’s mind when they are dealing with an arthritic condition.

It is said that the most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis. For more on Osteoarthritis please read our health article Exercise & Osteoarthritis 

Exercise Physiology can help an individual improve their ability to move safely and effectively, with greater function. Functional Health’s Exercise Physiologists are accredited professionals with graduate degrees and clinical experience who examine, diagnose, treat and sometimes work to prevent conditions that impact the body’s ability to move and function in everyday life.
One of the main focus areas for Exercise Physiology, is to focus on improving our ability to get the body to engage in functional movement. This can encompass anything from getting out of bed in the morning to walking up and down stairs, walking on the beach, playing a sport or any normal everyday recreational activities.

What are typical goals of Exercise Physiology for someone suffering arthritis?

  • Improve joint mobility/range of motion
  • Restore ‘normal’ use of affected joints
  • Increase strength to support the joints
  • Develop/maintain fitness
  • Maintain the ability to perform everyday tasks

What can an Exercise Physiologist do for you?

First, we get to work by designing a tailor-made plan of exercises catered specifically for the individual. The key areas we look to improve with these exercises are flexibility, strength, coordination and balance, in order to support the patient’s optimal physical bodily function.

Functional Health’s EP’s will:

  • Teach you proper posture & body mechanics essential for common daily tasks, with a focus on relieving pain and improving function.
  • Guide you through your session to ensure that exercises are completed correctly with your results-based exercise program.
  • Work closely with our Physiotherapists to provide you with a more complete approach to your development/treatment.
  • Provide ongoing support through modified sessions.
  • Recommend other treatment options.
  • Suggest modifications to your everyday environment, such as ergonomic chairs, beds, etc. to relieve pain and improve function.

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What does an Exercise Physiology Session Look Like?

The primary goal of an Exercise Physiology session is to support your health and well-being through a supportive exercise training plan. Our incredible Medical Exercise equipment is managed by our highly trained, allied health professionals, who guide you through your sessions in a highly supportive environment. We record your training plans and update any treatment records, thus allowing us to better assess and manage future treatment plans.

We demonstrate certain exercises that you can undertake at home and always look to increase our patients understanding of a particular condition and means in which they can help self-manage symptoms they may be suffering. Sessions are approx 30-40mins and focus largely on your particular treatment plan along with our medical exercise prescription to strengthen your physical function, improve range of motion and also help give you strategies for care that you can do at home.

At your initial consultation, consider your condition/complaint and what you would like to achieve as a result of undertaking Exercise Physiology. It can be anything from simply getting in and out of your car or bed without pain, raising your arms to reach items overhead in the kitchen, taking a walk or performing your tasks within your employment without pain in the hips, knees and feet, or even running a marathon. Functional Health’s highly trained team can work with you to develop an individual plan that is perfect for you!

A successful outcome

The key to a successful outcome, is working closely with your EP or Physio and learning as much as you can from them. Functional Health have built a wonderful team of passionate therapists throughout the years and this has been the key to our success. Our hands-on approach to treatment is one of the key areas we have focused and this has been well received by our patients. While the process of treatment can be a long road ahead for some, we know that the body will become stronger and more functional, through continual support and management.