Sports Massage is not just for athletes!

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy on the Gold Coast is becoming more and more popular with trade persons and office staff alike. The idea that “Sports Massage is just for athletes”, is now somewhat outdated. At Functional Health we always look to provide treatment to our patients in the most efficient manner. We provide multiple services, with a hands-on approach. Similarities between those who work in manual labour trades and those who play a lot of sport, are actually quite high. The manner in which we treat individuals can often be the same.

Sports Massage is a Deep Tissue practice which allows the therapist the ability to apply pressure to specific areas, allowing manipulation of key muscular zones to relieve tension. While Deep Tissue massage can be an ideal preparation and recovery for many athletes, it is also popular as a regular management (weekly in some cases), of typical repetitive strain issues, often seen in the office, construction, warehousing and many other work places.

Key benefits of Deep Tissue Sports Massage

  • Increase Range of Motion/Movement (ROM)
  • Increase flexibility & joint mobility
  • Lessen muscle tension & alleviate pain symptoms
  • Improve sleep patterns & personal well being
  • Promote overall physical performance/output
  • Speed up recovery following work place/sports injury
  • Assist in the prevention of common work place/sports related injuries
  • Plus many other Physical & Psychological benefits

In short Deep Tissue Massage looks to improve physical performance, reduce pain, prevent injuries and shorten recovery time. Treatments largely involve two forms of response. Firstly a mechanical one because of the applied pressure and rhythmic movement and secondly a reflex response which is when nerves respond to stimulation. This therapy is often accepted as an initial treatment for all athletes prior/post physical activity whereas Functional Health consider it essential for everyone!

Who Needs Sports Massage Therapy

We consider Sports Massage a useful therapy for pretty much everyone. Functional Health regularly provide therapy to those involved in/suffering from:-

  • Work place injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Professional & Amateur Sports
  • Car accidents
  • Surgery recovery
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Headaches & more

Sports Massage & More

Sports Massage treatments with Functional Health offer an exciting combination of hands-on therapy with a qualified Physiotherapist and additional ongoing support with our Exercise Physiologists. We believe that there are many paths to a successful treatment plan. Having a broad cross section of skills and services available is important to providing the best care to our patients.