Cameron Bracewell Director

Introducing Functional Health Director Cameron Bracewell

Growing up within the Rugby community has shaped me from a personal and professional perspective. As an up and coming rugby player, I endured my fair share of injuries throughout my career. Rugby is a sport that consumes you and becomes a part of your entire being (no matter how much it hurts).

Following a fractured to my L3 vertebra (which led to considerable time on the sideline), my life direction took a different path. With a lot of time to reflect on my health and my beloved sport, I became increasingly aware of what was important to me and how I wanted to develop myself within my sport and the greater community.

MedX Medical Exercise

I was introduced to the MedX Systems by former All Black, Grant Batty, almost 15 years ago. Grant was involved with MXS Australia, the authorised Australian MedX representative, headed by Wayne Brewer. At this point Wayne had been successfully operating this system for over twenty years.

It is without question that the utilisation of this system allowed me to become a strong presence within Queensland Premiere Rugby, earning a number of representative call ups at a very young age.

Functional Health

With the help of MXS Australia’s SpineX System, permanent damage was avoided. The success of my treatment was so overwhelming that I knew Medical Exercise was now my passion. I purchased MXS Australia’s medical exercise centre in 2013 and renamed it Functional Health. The centre implements both the MedX Medical Exercise as well as MXS Australia’s SpineX SpineCare Systems.