Ankle Sprains (Sport & Work Related Injuries)

The most common injuries seen across Australian sports and workplace is hands down, strains and sprains. Ankle Sprains are among the most common sprain related injury our Physiotherapists see.

What is an Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprains are soft tissue injuries that occur when the ankle ligaments are twisted violently or over stretched when performing a movement beyond its normal comfort range. These can often lead to partial and sometimes complete tears.

The ankle is made up of strong ligaments that hold the bones of the joint together. They work in conjunction with muscles attached to the feet to maintain joint stability and function.

3 Types of Ankle Sprain

Grades of Ankle Sprain

Eversion Ankle Sprain - Functional Health Physiotherapy Gold Coast

You may have heard the terms “Grade 2 Tear” and may not completely know what this means. While you may understand that it represents a scale or sorts, you may not know how broad the scale is. Quite simply its as easy as 1, 2, 3 (as explained below)!

Common Symptoms

Symptoms of Ankle Sprains - Functional Health Physiotherapy Gold Coast

Ankle Sprains Treatment & Management

Ankle Sprains & All Lower Limb Treatment & Management at Functional Health is carried out by highly skilled Physiotherapists. To book an appointment Click Here Now and get the Allied Health Professional Support you need!

While many of us have suffered an Ankle Sprain at some stage in life, you should contact your GP immediately, if you are suffering severe ongoing pain, as you may have further damage that may require urgent medical attention.